Tuesday, April 29, 2008


He crawled in bed with me this morning. They looked so peaceful. Than they woke up LOL

Oh the joy of mother hood. She looks so peaceful and content, and natural. It's so hard to pull out her thumb and stick a pacifier in instead.

She just doesn't look as happy. With all my kids I replaced the thumb with a pacifier. I figure it's easier to take a pacifier away at a year old than a thumb. But it gets harder with each kid. Especially this one. She pulls out the sucky and pokes her thumb back in. And it helps her sleep longer. I come in the morning to find she slept all night (which is AWESOME) and her thumb in her mouth. She's more persistent, I'm really having a hard time not letting her get away with it. At church on Sunday we did this over and over, probably 10 times thumb out, sucky in, sucky out thumb in. lol. sigh

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our garden

Here are our tomatoe plants in the house. They are really sprouting up.
Our greenhouse is now in the center of the yard and will get lots of sun
You can see how much they've grown in just a short time. Here are our beans and squash.

Broccoli, Cauliflower, chives, cucumbers and a variety of flowers.
Squash and some morning glories
This is how we have it set up inside the greenhouse.

Here is our herb garden. So far only the chives are big. I had planted the rest as seeds later. The chives I started with the first batch of starts. They are all starting to sprout thru though. Can't wait!

I took all these photos on Saturday, you can see how much it's all grown. Now if it will quit freezing out I can get them planted in the ground.

Well another day of gardening behind us!

In my search to identify a plant for someone, I found a few good links I thought I would share. I am far from a good gardener. I'm still learning so I'm always in search of some good helps. I've still not found what this plant is, but is sure is pretty. Here's a picture, if you know what it is, please share the info so I can pass it on.

Identify diseases and a cure for your vegetables


Tons of information on lots of different gardening and flowering subjects. Even a search by characteristics for unknowns.


Top 10 Gardening Websites for Your Online Tool Shed


I'll let you know if I find the name. So far I can only think it's in the Rhododenren family.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oh what a beautiful day yesterday. We got some gardening done and a walk too! A few weeks back we got our seeds started inside. I'd planned on posting these photos before, but go figure, I got to busy!!!

What I did was used egg cartons. I found out that egg shells work great for fertilizer and you can use the halves to plant the seeds in, than the transplanting is easier into a pot. A few things I would change is not plant so many seeds in each one, it kinda defeats the purpose if you have to break the shell open to separate the seedlings. You can also crush the egg shells into the dirt to get the same nutrient effect.

Well now it's all sprouted and time to transplant, so today we transplanted into large pots. I have more seedlings than I know what to do with of course, but we'll give some away.

Today we hope to get some more transplanted and the greenhouse in order. Hubby moved it into a sunny spot last weekend, so I can fill it up this year. We stopped at the library during our walk yesterday and got some books on greehouse gardening. I've never had a greenhouse before, so this is a new bit of fun for us. I'm very excited to have the possibility (since I'm not sure if it will work yet) to have some vegi's year round in there. I've got some space around the outside to plant some squash, tomatoes, melons and berries too. I'll keep you posted as we progress. Yesterday all I did was covered the floor with newspapers to kill the grass. It works great as a weedbarrier so I figure it should work to kill the grass for me too.

Well gotta run. We are off to town for a bit.

Chicago, IL

Sorry I've been MIA lately, but I have good reason, really!

Here is some of what we've been up to. We took a "mini vacation" as the kids called it to Chicago, IL. Having never been to a "BIG" city before it was quite the experience for us. The sky scrapers were so tall, and there were so many people. I know it gets busier there than when were there. The SIDEWALKS have speed limit signs on them. I'm not kidding, they said, "when congestion is heavy, walking pace only" or something along those lines. The crosswalks were fuller than the road, there were more taxi cabs than cars, and more taxi companies than types of cars lol. It was alot of fun. I'll fill in more later, but here are some pictures. If you ever get to go, take a camera, we didn't stop in the downtown area, just drove thru.

The Sears Tower

The Donald Trump tower.