Saturday, May 24, 2008

new pictures

New pictures!

Abigail was so tired, but just wouldn't go to sleep. So I put her in her swing, and she tried to stay sitting up to stay awake lol. I snapped this pic before I laid her back. She just couldn't stay awake!

Well we've been busy. We helped weed and plant at my in-laws on Wed. Thursday was the kids dentist and we stop and got some flowers. Save-a-lot in Haslett has the cheapest. $9.99 for a flat of 48. We got 5 flats and planted them all yesterday, Friday. We've got flowers everywhere now. Around our lamp post, 6 pots, by the shed, the house and a bed by the road. We had to weed out the one by the shed first, but we got it all done and it all looks beautiful. I was exhausted lol. Here are a few pictures. Today I will try to mow the lawn, it may just have to wait though. I've got boxes to get moved to the shed, and spring clothes to find. So another busy day, and hopefully a fun weekend ahead of us. We are going to a museum on Monday. I'll post more about that later.
The dirt area in the front is all planted with grass seed. I've got impatients, begonias and dusty millers out here. It's a partial shade area, so they should all do well.

These are some really cool mushrooms that grow on our tree out back. They are huge this year.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Potty training saga continues!

Did I mention I'm potty training our son? Well he is proving to be the most interesting of them all. If you are a mom, you will now doubt fall out of your chair in laughter, if not, you will fall out in shock lol.

Potty training is always interesting, some of those kids are angels and hop on the pot as soon as mom says it's time or even on there own, and then there are Davids, the normal ones lol. Well I mentioned before he doesn't like training pants, I bought him some little boxer type things, and he doesn't like them either, he says they're too tight, so we just keep trying. I'll have to go shopping and find some thing else. Now I KNOW he's ready and as soon as I can find him some underpants that he'll wear he'll be done in no time. He HATES being wet, or dirty, or sticky, so if he doesn't have a diaper on, he'll feel it more and not like it. Of course I have to be sure to not find shorts to loose, cause I want them to hold his mess. Of course there is the current option that he has taken too. I was sitting in my office and Papa (Dad) was on the couch. All of the sudden I hear, "Mom, Davids ready for big boy pants, come quick" Yippee I think, but no. David is ready cause he for what ever reason we don't know, decided that instead of leaving it in his diaper, he'd bring it down it his hand, literally. He took his diaper off and, we're not really sure of the details, cause he was the only one up there. But the diaper was upstairs, he had his pants on, and you guessed it, in his hand. Well after a thorough washing of hands and a hopefully memorable lesson on what to do with it, he was off on his way again. We got him to wear his pants for a few minutes. Yes we have a bribe box too, candy, but still he won't wear them long enough.

Well once was enough for me, but not him. I was making popcorn and he was heading to the bathroom with brother. A few minutes later, big brother hollers, "Mom, Davids holding his poop in his hand again". I told hubby, come watch the popcorn (it was in a electric popper thing) and I headed to the bathroom. He had by this time thrown in it the toilet, I asked Mark what happened, he's in the bathroom, WHY was it in his had. Well how do I say this without grossing anyone out???? He started going in his pants, and instead of sitting on the toilet, used his hand to transport it to the toilet. [sigh], what to do, what to do!!

So were waiting for it to click, and hope it's reallly soon!! Any suggestions??

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love being a mom!

My Prince and Princess on Mother's Day. We are on our way to church.

So how was everyones Mother's Day? We had a good day, not because we had a big celebration (which we didn't) or even got presents, but because it makes me sit and reflect on my Moms and my children. My daugther gave me a great gift and she doens't even know it. Any one who knows me, knows I love sewing. For me, it is one of the things I enjoy the most. I love sewing to the core. I have a key chain that says, "behind every creative persons are closets full of good ideas" I love that saying, it is sooo true. Being one of those "creative persons" I know that in those "closets" are TONS of unfinished mendings and projects, that just haven't gotten finished, started, but not finished. Well I am one of those fortunate moms who have a daughter who loves what I love, Sewing. I wrote before how she loves cooking and baking like me. Well she also love sewing. I think we have a future designer on our hands lol. The gift she gave me was so simple and not a gift at all in the physical sense. She came in the office/sewing room sat down with some thread and needle and started working on MY unfinished projects. I came in and asked her what she was doing. She said "Mom, I'm going to help to finish your mending, can I stay up and help you catch up on your mending?" She knows where all the stuff is, and got a set of buttons out, needle and thread and sewed some new eyes on her brother beloved stuffed crab. He was sooo thrilled he finally got his crab back LOL.. And I was reminded of how much I love being a mom and being able to pass on my joys to my kids. I know I am blessed to have her enjoy it, both my mom and Mother-in-law have 4 girls each. Both of them only have 1 of those girls that enjoy sewing as much as they do. They both sew beautifully, and truly enjoy it but only 1 of 4 of their girls enjoy it. They all know how to sew, but they don't all enjoy it. So thanks MOM's for teaching me to sew. I say Mom's because they all taught me and helped me expand my knowledge of sewing.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Potty training!

Well it's that fun time again. Our 2 yr old is ready to potty train. Full fledge in the underpants training. Now he's been training for a while, when we change his diaper he sits on the potty, but now he knows when he needs to go. He takes his diaper off and throws it away, sooo it's time. The thing is with David, he doesn't do change well, we have to ease him into it. He just goes nuts if we drop and change. I tried putting underwear on him a few days ago and he didn't like them AT ALL. He thinks the legs are to tight, so we finally talked him into to trying some on later. So now were going to get him out of diapers. Of course that's the plan, we'll see how it really goes.

For those who've been thru this all before, you know what I mean. Our first was potty trained by 2, of course she had accidents here and there, but for the most part she did really well. She wore pull ups to bed for several years. Our second was a boy and he was much like David, he took forever, but one day he woke up and it just clicked. From that point on he never had an accident again, even at night. So we're hoping it's ready to click for him soon, because 2 kids in diapers is expensive.

Well I've got to go mow the lawn!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Amberlins recipe

Well my 8 yr old made supper last night. I must say, it was pretty good. She made up this recipe and begged me to try it, so last night was the night.

Last week I made a recipe that I based on this one.

Only replace half of the rice with lentils. I cooked them together, added a little Mrs. Dash and used broth instead of water. I than added a can of corn to the cooked mixture.

Well Amberlin decided that it would taste good in a burrito, so we made the mix again, cooked and cut into pieces some boneless skinless chicken, put into a shell with some cheddar cheese and warmed in the oven for a few minutes. It was pretty good. We put sour cream on top of it and had a filling dinner.

With the leftovers today, I just put in on my plate without a shell, we used them all yesterday lol.

She was soo excited that she made up a recipe and it was good. It just came to her, she says lol. Well that's how I do it too, at least that's a good thing she's inheriting from me!

I'd heard about lentils on a show a while back. They said you can interchange rice and lentils and cook them just the same. By using both you get your carbs and protein together and it's very filling. So instead of 1 cup of rice, and 2 cups of water, use 1/2 C of lentils and 1/2 C of rice and 2 cups of water. Cook them together at the same time. Don't forget some seasoning and your good to go!


Well today it is raining, so I thought I would share our progress from the last few days.
We got the edging all around the pond. We had to revamp it a little. It just wasn't enough. Yesterday I finished it off by adding some weed barrier fabric and mulch, a few plants and 13 fish. Here's the before and after. It makes a huge improvement.
It's such a peaceful place to sit. We'll have more plants in there too. Some Canna's will come up along the back and the side.

Mark helped me plant my new rose bushes by the greenhouse on Sunday. After that I started digging up the sod for my garden around the outside of it. It's still to early to plant them, but we have edging to put around it and should be able to get it all planted next week I hope. Here are a few pictures of the progress.
I got it almost all done and ready for the edging, but didn't get to finish it yet. I don't have pictures of that yet. In the process I chopped our satillite cable in half lol, we forgot we buried it right thru there. We got that patched, but now Mark gets to bury a new one next chance he gets. It won't hold up to moisture.
The flowers have come up on the side of the house too. This flower bed is all perennials that I've planted and some were there already. It's really filling out. I hope to build up the beds in the fall, so next year they will be more defined and deeper. This is the first year I get to plant flower, so I'm really excited to get them in there. The siding, windows and roof is all done, so I can go all out. YAY!

Well I'll get more pictures up here in a few days. Not going to get anymore done outside today anyhow. BUT I can sit on my beautiful patio and enjoy the rain showers.