Friday, July 30, 2010

Greenhouse picture

FINALLY... a picture of my greenhouse lol. It's from a few weeks ago, but you can see it's all doing pretty good. It's a small variety but it has been tons of fun to do. We have had a few salads from it, yesterday we had our first cucumber and tomato on a salad YUM!! We have some lettuce ready to cut too. I have a variety of kinds planted and plan on planting some more seeds to enjoy some through the year as well.

The very front is filled with collard greens. We planted them for our bearded dragon, he LOVES them. So he's been eating healthy as well this year. We've not had to buy any greens either which is great. We have a few stalks of corn, lol, that was after the kids begged to plant some.. We have one large tomato plant and one smaller size one. It's the patio kind and they are about the size of a golf ball I guess. Not cherry tomatoes, but not the huge ones. Lots of green ones, getting ready to ripen.

The Sugar snap peas are the BEST.. We only planted one plant, but next year we will be doing more. They were SO good. Even if it was just one pea at a time.

Oh yea and we have a Potato plant. I know my garden is small, so we just tried a few things (usually ONE) of several different plants. We have some strawberries in tin buckets that are overflowing and will fill out the back side of the greenhouse.

Time to go water them for the day, so we can cut some nice crisp greens for supper!! Wilted greens are not good :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My garden, of sorts!

I do have a garden this year. Last year it was a sad affair. This year it's doing much better. It's small and a combination of pots and a small area of dirt. Everything is starting to blossom and grown. Amberlin and I got to share our very first Sugar Snap Peas yesterday. SO YUMMY!! I know we won't get many, but the juicy and plump kind are my favorite for just eating raw. No cooking them please!! We have lots of green tomatoes and even more flowers too. I only have two tomato plants, but we sure can't wait to eat them. I seen a flower on the cucumbers too, they plants are still pretty small though, so i'm not sure how well they will do. We planted a few corn plants, just because the kids were really excited to. I have a bunch of seed packets that I got for Science class and they insisted on planting them ALL lol. I have more seeds to plant again and have some stuff, like lettuce and such later in the year too. I think it's about time to get planting them.

This is the first time I've ever tried the lettuce and greens, so i'm not sure when to harvest them. They are looking good though and I'm thinking it's soon!!! I'll get some pics to show you all my garden.

On another note, my sewing has been keeping me pretty busy. no complaints, i'm LOVING it. Sewing for me, is my way of relaxing, so I don't get stressed about it, now money, I get stressed, but sewing, I look forward too. I've been busy with custom made stuff lately. Had to make a few patterns and everything. It all seems to have turned out well and for that we are thankful. I even got to sew with my MIL for a few days. Something we don't get to do often enough!! Love her, and she's always a great help!

I'm off to get dressed and get some pictures.

Below: custom shirt I made. Had to make a pattern and a few samples to get it right, but it was a perfect fit in the end.