Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We moved!!

Just a quick update since I use my blog as my personal recipe page and don't want it to close for some reason lol..

We have MOVED across the country and have went from our 1 acre 4 BR home into a 25" travel trailer, 8x6 storage trailer and a tent... YUP, you read that write, so of course a LOT of planning and trial and error has been going on.  Yes we still home school and have our 2 dogs with us.  Maybe I can get a routine down and post some of the things we have learned in the process, like HOW much stuff we have is so unnecessary, a huge purge has been more than freeing.   Finding that the whole kitchen full of pans, really come down to a few that are more versatile and easier to store.  And most of all, the reason we even considered this, was so we could be together as a family every night!

So I will get back to my laundry in the laundromat and enjoying my family..  I will be back to add some things we have learned..