Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update from the south!

Yes we are still here, and having fun! We are camping down south, I won't give a exact location untill we return, but we are having a great time. We've been cooking over the fire, in our awsome dutch oven. They are sooo nice and stews taste sooo much better in them. We've made pork chops, corn bread, stew, chicken soup, baked apples, BBQ chicken and of course hot dogs, all on the fire. Sooo yummy!

Here are a few pictures to share, we have tons more. We've gotten to see some really great parks, with natural wonders made of rock, shale and slate. The campground we are at, is literally between a swamp and a corn field, but it's EMPTY, so it's also quiet. The area is, well no one lives there hehe, it's a very unpopulated area, but still very nice. I feel at home!

I will post morewhen I can. We have no internet service at the campground and have to find a Wifi spot to get on here. SOo until next time, here's a glimpse.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is it possible??

It is with great sadness I announce today that........................

My baby girl, the little bittie one, is eating cereal. Not just the applesauce and cereal flakes, but real live cheerios. I'm sad. I just couldn't resist her cuteness asking for something. She smacks her lips and pleads with her eyes when you eat. I had given her applesauce and a few other soft things, but was really trying to not admit she was ready for the older baby stuff. Welll.......... I had to and SHE LOVED IT! Of course. I seen her following her big brother around, who had some dry fruit loops and watching him. She managed to get one he dropped and boy did she go to town. So... My 7 1/2 month baby, is doing just exactly what she should be doing, breaking her mama's heart and growing up!!

If I could put tears on here I would!