Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is what the kitchen looked like when we moved it. Notice all the mold growing on the cupboards. That is why I don't have cabinets on the bottom for now. The top cabinets I was able to scrub (till the varnish came off) clean. And yes, all the junk on the counters came with it. The house was empty for 3 yrs before we got it. Only animals lived here.

Well here are some pictures of the inside, before the window was put in. Yes I know my cupboards are ugly and the walls are not complete, but we'll get there. We have a LOOOONNG list with this house. First we do whats most important and well a beautiful kitchen would be wonderful, but it's just not necessary yet. It is very functional, so it stays as it is for now. Next project is the patio floor. So the dirt will stop being tracked into my house! Notice the dryer in my kitchen. The pink foam insulation is where the window will be. They had slider doors there, so we just put the pink foam up when we moved in, to insulate until we finished it.

The dryer is still in the kitchen in the picture, but now it is in the backroom YAY! The room feels sooo much bigger. And the light in there is awsome. I keep thinking someone left a light on or a door open, because it's so bright in there. I still have to get a curtain for it too.

Now for the patio floor. We went and bought all the flooring for it today. It's not what we originally had wanted, but hey the prices went up and the Menards sale won, sorry Lowe's.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Chronicles of a Pregnant Women June 29,2007

Well we finally got the window in. I meant to write last night, but I was tyring to get my kitchen put back together. You see I had to first move everything off of the wall that the window was going on. So here is before we did anything to the windows.

These are after we replaced the existing window with a bigger one and added siding and the kitchen window. I'll add some inside pictures later today once I get the inside back together. Right now I have a dryer in the middle of the floor, my table and chest freezer are covered with stuff to take care of.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chronicles of a Pregnant Women June 27,2007

Well once again I get car sick. BLAH Not fun. A trip to the store is mostly ok, but an hour drive is almost misery. Mark who is a professional at car sickness (he even made his mom sick while pg) tells me to pinch the palm of my hand, I was surprised it helped. But I still feel horrible. But which is worse 90 degrees at home all day or going to town (which is a hour away) to the A/C stores. Yesterday we opted to go with him. He had a scheduled day off from work and was going to town to get a new window! We finally have a window for our kitchen. Boy will that be nice. We currently have no window in the kitchen. There is the back door very near to it, but a window will hold a fan! I can't wait. So we went to town and got all that stuff and spent the day hopping from store to store untill it cooled off. I even got to take a break in Menards, the kids played in the play area they have while I tried out the lawn chairs (well one particular one anyhow). Mark got all the stuff and of course took a LOONNG time, but that's ok, I was relaxing.

We are also getting a new windshield in our truck today. Last Thursday I was driving down the road, no big deal and all of the sudden a rock, not a big one pops onto the window and makes a nice dime size circle. The next day it was already spreading so I called the insurance and got it set up to get fixed. Thankfully we have no deductable, so they came and picked it up this morning and will bring it back anytime all fixed. It still amazes me that it spread that fast. You touch the window and it spreads. yikes.

Well I can't wait for tomorrow when it's cooler, we haven't baked anything in a while. I didn't realize how much we baked untill Amber asked if we could make brownes or something Mom, it's been along time since we made anything. She usually helps and has reminded me every day for the last 3 days. But with it in the 80's the oven is NOT coming on. I've debated trying it on our grill LOL. I'll let you know if I try. We have a thermometer on it, and if I put it in the middle and turned that burner off, why wouldn't it work? HMMM still debating if I want to try that one.

Well I should go gets some pictures of the outside while it's sunny, it was storming earlier and the women who grew up in this house would like to see some new pictures. She lived down the road from us and stopped in to say hi last year. It's really neat hearing her stories of piano lessons, and no electricity and talking to her future husband from the upstairs window. I need to email her pictures since we added more siding. And of course I'll put them on here.

That's all for now!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some favorite blogs

I wanted to add a few of my favorite blogs. You may find them to be interesting and inspirational too. Another Church of God mom, who uses her blog to inspire and encourage you to study. Mandi Kaake another great mom, who has a wealth of information about living healthy, serving God and raising her family. Happy to be called "Mommy" is a very nice blog, she also talks about Once a month cooking.

I'll add some others later, I also added a section on the right that will hold all of these.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Chronicles of a Pregnant Women June 22,2007

Well I thought the morning sickness was leaving me, I felt so good yesterday, but today it's making up for it. I've been exhausted, and my allergies have been making me sneeze like crazy. We have a nice long row of cottonwoods by our house and it looks like its snowing some days. I sneeze up a storm when they do. So this will be short. The 2 oldest are going to their cousins tonight. So it will just be the little guy, pregnant me and Papa. He's working on the base for our new greenhouse.

Were grilling again and having some potato salad and broccoli and cheese. Our patio smells like fermented fruit. We have a lovely mulberry tree right by it, and now that they all dropped they are fermenting in the heat. Yuck. There's no good way to pick them up. If you rake them, they just mush and make a bigger mess. So hopefully we can have it out of there by next year. We were going to try for this year, but that didn't happen. At least our patio floor isn't in yet, otherwise they would be all over it.
Well supper is almost done, so that's it for today. Oh and I finally got my olives, and got the bread made in time too. I had to buy some more bananas, the bread smelled so good I want one now.
So now for a pregnancy tip: Hmm..... Well when your pregnant the nausea can really get to you, If your to full, your get nauseous, if you get to hungry, you guessed, you get nauseous, so eat a little often. It's hard to do, I feel like I'm eating to much, I have to remind myself, I'm pregnant and is necessary. So there's my tip.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chronicles of a Pregnant Women June 20,2007

June 20,2007:

Well today wasn’t sooo bad. I got up late, and we hurried out the door to the library for the reading program. David was still sleeping, so it was just Marky and Amberlin. I dropped them off and came back home. (Papa was still in bed as well, so he was fine) They were up by the time I had to get the kids, so I left them eating cereal. I of course had to tell them all of the good news about the baby, so it took a while, but we made it back home. We than set about the normal day, blah feeling and tired, I tried for a nap, but that didn’t last near long enough. I decided to head into town and get some more propane for our grill for supper. I got to leave all the kids, so I took my time, and shopped a little. Got some vegis and pork chops, had to exchange a fan (it looked like a fork truck drove over it). Came home to a mostly sided house YAY. We have only 1 wall to go. We have to put a window in our kitchen and than we can finish the siding! And we have a little peak left on the old garage wall. But the rest is DONE!

I just remember, I was supposed to make 2 loaves of banana bread today, phooey. It’s to late now, I’ll have to get up early and do it. And I wanted to do it while the house was cool. Bummer.

So back to dinner, we grilled some pork chops and I bought the little mesh type thing for grilling vegis, to see how it worked. Well I had bought a stir fry mix and peeled and cubed some potatoes to put on it. It all tasted really good, they were a little over cooked. But you should try it. All I did was put them in a bowl and added a little olive oil and seasoning (seasoned salt and lemon pepper), mixed it up and put it on the grill. I stirred them everyone once in a while. They were yummy! Here’s a few pictures. A lot of times I do the vegis on the stove, boil them in water till cooked, than throw in butter or olive oil and brown them. Once they are done I add a little Soy Sauce, mix it in and YUM!

It made for an easy and good dinner. We like grilling, it saves our house from the heat (we don’t have A/C) and it saves our arteries from the grease.

Before dinner Mark showed the kids their new “toy” hehe, remember when you were a kid, or maybe it was your kids, the big yellow slip and slides? Oh were they fun. Well I remember having one, as does Mark. We bought one for the kids, well they aren’t near as sturdy as the big yellow ones, or as long either (maybe it was because I was only 6, I don’t know). But here’s the kids playing on it. They call this the “super slide” when Papa picks them up and slides them down the slide. They had a blast. David got in on the fun too. He would go down a couple times, than come over to me to wrap up in the towel for a few minutes, than run back out there.

So for a pregnancy tip:

I generally don’t like green olives, but when I’m pregnant, they work wonders (which just reminded me that I forgot to buy some, I tell ya, even when I don’t have the kids I only remember half of it. I forgot coffee too). You get this nice sick coating on your tongue, well at least I always did. The only thing that takes it away is olives. The bitter taste neutralizes it I guess. It works when your just sick too, but I notice it most when I’m pregnant.

Well my Life Savers flavored Ice Cream is calling me, so that’s all for now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have the best husband ever. He ran to the store for me last night and got me sherbert ice cream. Now all I asked for was some orange, but he came home with the BEST I've ever had. Life Savers brand, oh my, it is good. Milk makes my stomach churn when I'm pregnant and nursing, so it's sherbert only. Wow , go try some. It is REALLY GOOD!

Well we did it again!

I am now happy to announce we are adding to our family. Yup baby #4 (which I think is a girl) will arrive sometime in early Feb. That makes me about 6.5 weeks along. We just got a confirmed blood test on Friday. So it's official, we need a bigger car AGAIN! Ahh,

We are all excited, I remember why I'm not fond of being pregnant, morning sickness is BLAH. Heat, nausea and pregnant, don't mix well. I'll keep you all posted on how it's going.

That's all for now!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

We finally got one!

A bathroom mirror that is. We redid the bathroom several months back, and finally got a real mirror in there. YAY! It was donated to the cause by my sister. She was throwing it away. It's perfect.

Take a look. Oh David was "helping" LOL.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Well we're almost done!

We finished the patio, well except for the floor, so on to the siding. We're oh about 2/3 done I guess. It's looks GREAT! It feels like we live in a whole new house. Until you come inside. Did I mention we moved into a major project 3 yrs ago. I'll post some comparison pics from before and now. Step by step we are pretty much building a new house, one room at a time. As the money comes in, we fix something else. Next year we can do our flower beds and I can have flowers again! YAY!

Well it's back to dinner making for me. Mashed potatoes, BBQ chicken and glazed carrots. Yup, there goes the microwave, see ya