Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our northern roots are showing

It feels like hot cocoa weather, esp in the mornings... But finding 'real' hot cocoa is not the same down here... To us anyhow...

You see Nestle is what we are used to, or some version of it..  Powder you add hot water to.  All we see here is variations of the Nesquik, you use powder and hot milk.  Concidering milk cost almost $5 a gallon at most places, thats not a good option.  And we see the packets EVERYWHERE of the Butternut mix, but only in packets.   We like the big cans so we can measure into diff size cups. 

So I finally asked....  And my northern roots showed :-)

I seen the Nestle on CLEARance for $2.50 each.  We finally found some and its not going to be available???  Gah!!!!!!   And the store employee got a chuckle when I asked her what they concider 'real hot cocoa down here'. Hehe... She said the Butternut sells off the shelves and they have them everywhere in the stores.  She tried very hard not to roll her eyes :-) So we bought a few packets to try along with 4 canisters of the 'real stuff' you know, for the transition from northern to southern???

According to the kids, the packets taste the same, but the Nesquik is not good lol!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

A bit about our journey

So here's a bit about why we're are here, where we used to be and where we expect it to take us!

Hubby and I were both born and raised in Michigan.  We grew up together, in church and have known each other our whole life (well his, since I am older than him :-)...

We dated, got married and started a family.  We have had our ups and downs but the biggest lesson we have learned is, without each other, we are not happy! 

Life isn't about STUFF, the fastest car, the biggest TV or even about what everyone ELSE thinks about your choices.  We've been there, done that and we still were not happy.  So our focus changed, it has become to 'build' our home around our little family: husband, wife and our 4 kids.  We want our family to be a whole, and not only on weekends!

In April 2014 we came to a cross roads.  We hit a dead end!  Life couldn't be the same ever again.  The future with staying looked dim and the future of moving looked scary.

A very definite change had to be made because the Lane we were in WAS ending!  We decided with much prayer, that for our family to be completely whole, we needed to sell, store, toss or pack everything we owned.  From a 1 acre lot with rabbits, chickens, gardens, canning supplies, sewing business, tool shed etc.etc.......  into a 27' travel trailer, 6x8 storage trailer, 2 trucks and a tent. our perspective on life had to change, our view of necessity was not the same.  Our goals in life became clear.  The process of change was in full swing.

It wasn't an easy choice.  We lived in a small tight knit community.  We were involved in what was going on.  We had planned to raise our kids up in that town.  The locals became as close as family and even relatives were moving to town too.  But it wasn't what we needed, it wasn't enough to make my 'home' whole anymore.  We needed to be together and hubby needed a job that didn't require him to be gone away for days, or even weeks and than still barely make it.  I remember very clearly, on Mothers Day weekend, we talked to the kids.  Would you rather stay here with friends and family, carry on as is, always broke, hubby always gone.... OR move across the country so he could be home and have more job options.  The kids with out hesitation said, 'We want Pa home'!!!  And the decision was made to persue the idea.  We started with telling our closest friends and family first, and moved out in our 'circle'. Planned moving sales, and our last summer in MI.  Sept seemed so far away when we made the definate choice in early May... But soon it was here and time to go.  Now we have been in TX for 9 weeks.  Time flies but it has been exactly what we needed.  I dont know what the furture holds but I know, this is where we belong right now!

Here are some before and after pictures of our 'home'.  We didn't go buy the most expensive trailer and truck, we actually sold what extra stuff we had and spent less to move on what a new one would cost.  We made it 'home' and love it!

We have plans to upgrade but only after a lot of research, savings, and time..  

Sometimes while we are driving, I look at all the manicured lawns, huge houses and yards and wonder if I miss any of it (our yard was very lived in, not manicured lol) and than I remember how long it took me to clean my house now and than.  I vaccumed my trailer while waiting for the water to boil for dishes... My kids did their 'chores' and than went to explore...

Nah, I'm good with small.   Less is more