Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I don't have much time, but I wanted to post a little something to say I am still here LOL. Mark has some time off so we've been getting stuff done around the house. He got all his tools out of the backroom and into the basement (which is a MI basement, only the size of one room). That is REALLY nice having two, 2yr old boys here. They just can't resist the erge to try out all his tools. So now I have a laundry room YAY!

Also here is a picture of a really simple recipe I made the other day. I made a basic meatloaf recipe and made them into balls (I used my ice cream scoop) Then I browned them in some bacon grease and marg. After they were browned I threw some tomatoes and juice on top and simmered them untill done. It was very good! Everyone seemed to like it. I add peppers and onions to my meatloaf as well.

Well I will try to be on again soon. Mark is going to be home until early next week, than it's back to work!

Talk to you all soon!

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