Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh goodness...

It doesn't matter how busy you get, life keeps going. Did you ever notice that??? Last week was a busy week, at least for me. My baby was sick most of the week. She ran a fever for a few days, sore throat, congested, just not happy. A few of the others were not feeling 100% either. So since they didn't feel well, or sleep well, Mom didn't sleep well... It was a Loooonnnngg week. It was a happy one to tho, we now have a new nephew and he's adorable...

It's also time to start thinking about planting too. I was just talking to my SIL about a garden and we are planning on doing it together. I'm excited, it will be fun. Last year we tried with the green house, but ended up being gone most of the summer, so they went un watered. This year, we plan on being gone off and on as well, BUT she found a great article on how to plant a garden with mulch and CARDBOARD and not have to water it. YUP we're trying it. We figure it's worth a try. It will be fresh vegis if it works, that will save us $$ and of course it's better for us....

You can see a video from the article at Click on "organic gardening video" at the top.

You can read the article from the magazine here..

I'll keep you posted on our plans as soon as we get them figured out lol.

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