Thursday, April 29, 2010


Our two oldest kids are in soccer this spring. This is our first experience with organized sports. Neither of us played any as kids ourselves. So far it's been a very positive experience.

I'm really happy with their coach. He's very good about rotating the kids to different positions. By the end of the season, they will have played all the positions at least once. Last week Amberlin got to play goalie. She did pretty good. They did get one goal in, but only because she was still down from blocking a goal. They came back quick and got it in on the other side.

Marky got his turn today. Now he's not as coordinated as Amber. He looses his focus pretty easy. At least he's not having conversations with the other players during the game now lol. We don't really focus on being competitive, but rather on just having fun. They have a nice area where Abigail and David can kick some balls around while the game is going on. They enjoy going to the games too!

So Marky was goalie for the last part of the game. He blocked one ball, that kinda got close lol, but he let 3 balls go into the goal. On the way home he asked me if he did a good job as goalie. Hmm I don't want to tell him he did bad, but he didn't do to great. So what do I say??????

Well I asked him first, "did you do your best?" "YES" he says.

"Did you have fun?" "Well kind of" he says "I had fun watching when they were kicking the ball on the other end and to me"

hmm so does that mean he stopped having fun when it got to the goal? What can I say, he's still learning. But all in all, he did have fun and that really is whole point of it!

They have 2 more games to go for this season. I'm not sure if we'll be able swing it next year. We will see!!

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