Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blizzard of 2011!

YUP, in case you didn't know, we live in the Great White North lol. Well it gets whiter as you go north, we live in the Lower Peninsula, in Central Michigan. We got quite a bit of snow, but not as bad as other places. Our total by the end of it was 15" on the ground, but only 7 1/2" of it was from the storm. We only lost power for a few minutes, but one block over and most of the rest of our small town was out for about 1 1/2 hours. We all survived, it IS winter after all lol! Here are a few pictures from our adventure. We walked around the block to play in the snow with some cousins.

She was collecting snow balls to give to her aunt! lol
He just wanted to find the biggest ones.
Can you guess what happened here?? lol That little stinker tossed snow right in his face and laughed and laughed. I'm glad I was taking pictures LOL
Well after a good storm, you HAVE to go sledding, right?? So we packed up the kids and went to a local hill. Not an official sledding hill, but it worked great. It was just big enough for the gang of 9 kids. We met some friends and family there. I tried to get some good 'action' shots. But trying to not get run over was more important lol. The kids had a BLAST!!

Amber and Nichole were hungry LOL! This is BEFORE:
and AFTER (ok, so not really lol, but she did sit there munching alot of it)

You can see how deep the snow is, He could only walk in his old tracks, it was clear up to his waist.

And we HAD to warm up with Hot cocoa. Does this look like a happy face to you??

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