Tuesday, December 5, 2006

What a day!

Well today has been quite a day, as always! LOL. It started out busy and is ending busy. As I was getting my tea ready to sit down this morning I got burnt. OUCH! It was a totally stupid thing of me to do. I was trying to be smart and got burnt anyways. I boiled my water away, (thought there was more in there) and I knew it would steam if I added more water while the pot was hot! I sat the pot on the sink ledge to use the sprayer so I wouldn't get the steam on me. Well that was a good idea right? Well I used the sprayer but held the handle out of the way with my hand. LOL, so on the tops of my fingers they all got burnt, oh did that hurt! They've been soaking all day. First a cold wet rag, than I tried some water in a cup. Finally I made a combination with a ice pack, washcloth and tea bags in a little rectangle container and I lay my hand in it. I can stand to have it out for a while now, but most of the day, I couldn't stand it out. It just plain burned to much. You don't realize how much you use your hand till you can't. Ever change a diaper one handed? LOL, not fun. My son got a hold of the sore hand while I had the other one busy. OUCH! My daughter helped with that one. I made banana bread, dinner, lunch and babysat with one hand. I'm sure it's do-able, some people are only blessed with one hand. For me one, one-handed day is enough!

I have a few more links to add, so be sure to check them out. I'm hoping to add more ideas on money-saving ways. Being a stay-at-home mom plus home school, plus trying to make ends meet on a small income, can be tough. So I'd like to share some ways we make ends meet. Plus a few other things that are dear to my heart!

So keep in touch and be sure to drop a note, so I know someone is a least reading it!

Have a great Day


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