Friday, December 8, 2006

Faith and Prayer

Have you ever felt like there was no point in trying? Why put forth an effort if it won't really matter? All the while wondering why God wasn't helping? God's not going to force us into anything, he won't make a way if we don't try. And he won't give us more trials than we can bare. Look at Job, there was a definate line that the devil was not allowed to cross untill God gave him permission. Check it out for yourselves

If we expect God to help, we have to do our part. For example, I really don't like budgeting, making ends meet, with one small income it's tough. But if I choose to ignore the problem and not try to fix it, how can God help? He will give us peace and wisdom in dealing with it, but he won't slap the finished solution down on the table, we have to be the vessel for him to work thru.

On a humorous note, my 6 year old told me something I found quite funny yesterday. Remember, she's only 6. "Mom, I wish it were still like in the olded days" I asked "What do you mean?" "Like when I was 2 and 3" she says. LOL

That's all for now.
God Bless you all!


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