Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jan. 16,2007

I know, I know, it's been over a month since I last posted. I've had quite a few things I've wanted to sit down and post, but just haven't been able to. Let me tell you why!

First of all, it's a chilly 12 degrees outside, BRRRRR! The fire is roaring and the guys are out plowing again. Praise GOD! The warm December has been rough. If we can't mow than we need snow!

Here's whats happened since I last typed. My hubbys grandfather has been ill for about a year now. In and out of the hospital with various organ failures and infections. We got word he was really getting back. We visited with him at Thanksgiving and he was still grandpa for the most part. Come Christmas and he was bed ridden. On Morphine and not with us in mind. He went to be with the Lord on the 27th. My husbands family is very close. His grandparents lived maybe 100 ft. behind him all while growing up. They were like kids rather than grand kids. They worked together on the farm, played together, seen them almost everyday. They had birthdays together, they even joined us for our kids birthdays. It's amazing to me that even with such a large family (my FIL is the youngest of 5 boys), they were the best grandparents and great grandparents to even me, even before I was dating their grandson. Such wonderful people. We really miss him. My kids who are 1, 5, and almost 7, miss them too. So we had all of that to go thru.

Than from some family at the funeral, we got sick. It sounds just like the neurovirus I hear is breaking out in nursing homes right now. It was bad. All of us were sick at once. The 2 youngest boys were not as bad. My middle son who will be 5 on the 30th was a great little helper. He played and watched his baby brother who is 15 months for like 3 days, when I was really bad. My husband was sick for even longer, as well as his brother who lives with us, when he's home from truck driving. He stayed home even longer than planned because of it. So it was rough. So we made it thru that, finally.

So this last week, we finally got to take advantage of hubby being off work (for 3 weeks) and re did our bathroom. We only had one to start with, so no bathroom and still all kinda not 100%, was fun. We had no shower for a week. We had to gut the room and start over, there was no other way. Our neighbors were great with helping with the toilet issue. We now have it half done. It now holds a toilet and tub! And the walls are drywalled. They sink and cupboard are scattered thru the house as well as all else that was in there. So life is just crazy. But that's all right. We're healthy (Now!) and it's snowing finally.

So my question for you is, do you believe in the power of prayer? How much? Do you believe that GOD answers your prayers. Maybe you think I'm coooky, that's fine, I'm used to that, but let me share a little with you about prayer.

My hubbys other set of Grandparents are strong believers in prayer. And when she prays, she gets answers. Time and time again. How do I know? Cause it effects us too. As you may have gathered by now, we own a business and do lawn care and snow plowing. Well the first year we started, which is 4 yrs ago now. WE prayed for lots of snow, she prayed for LOTS of snow. We had the snowiest year in a long time. Last year, they had a lot going on and asked for a light year, we got piddly, nothing! Well on Sunday she informed us that they got everything they needed done in the warmer weather (by the way this Dec. was the warmest on record!), so they told God, bring it on! Well it's been snowing ever since. We plowed yesterday and again today. That's rare, since it's not a heavy snow. It's suppose to keep at it all week. A light flurry off and on all day, all week. So I believe in the power of prayer. I grew up with my hubby and know his family better than my own. We will be celebrate 10 years this Oct. so we're still young by some standards. We are feeling older, but compared to his grandfather who was 88 yrs old, I feel young. They had just celebrated their 68th anniversary. 68 years, WOW! I hope to make it to least to half that, that's still a long time too. It's very rare these days. WOW.

Well it's back to the warm end of the house for me. I have a song I want to post, hopefully today. I will do that later. I'm going to try to get a nap in. It's been a long night.

God Bless!


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