Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

I hope your all having a great holiday today, even if it only means you have the day off! That makes it great right?

Well we've been pretty busy here the last week or so, I haven't had much time to post everything I've wanted to. So I'll try to fill in some of the blanks.

I think I mentioned before that Mark is currrently laid off right now. He was laid off for a week in June, than worked one week and now has 2 weeks off. He works for a company that builds for GM, so all you GM workers know what I mean! So he has been taking full advantage of the time off and getting a ton of stuff done around here. First of course he finished the siding. That was a great accomplishment. WOW does the house look different. We pull in the drive and think, is this really our house? He also added a window to our kitchen, which I LOVE! It's so nice not having to turn the light on to find your way thru there. I don't think the light hardly ever is on during the day anymore.

We also got a new bedroom set a few weeks back, it is beautiful, it's our first matching set of anything. We've never even had a table and chair set. It is Colonial style with a 4-pollster bed, chest of drawers with a mirror and another dresser, tall with 6 or 7 drawers in it ,PLUS a night stand. It's gorgeous, we got it for FREE! Someone we know called us and asked if we needed a bed set. Well since ours was made from a menagerie of mostly old and falling apart pieces of various types of furniture, I said YES! So as soon as I finish getting that back together I'll get some pictures. We had a lot of rearranging to do to make it fit. And I had to go thru some stuff that needs to go to the shed.

On top of that the morning sickness makes everything difficult. Some days I feel just horrible. I'm starting to have more better days than bad, so that helps. Yesterday we were gone for most of the daytime, we had to make a trip to Owosso for a funeral. The kids stayed with their cousin while Mark and I attended the funeral and luncheon for his great grandmother. She was 94 yrs old. Honor Grice, her husband Ernest Grice is still going strong at 96. Next month they will have been married for 77 yrs. WOW! She'd been bed bound for some time now, so it wasn't to much of a surprise, they called the family last week to tell everyone she wasn't going to make it much longer. She passed away on Thursday evening.

Sunday evening we went and seen the fireworks in Ionia. I don't understand why they do them so early, but hey! We had fun. I don't remember ever having to have coats the watch the fireworks either. Here are a few pictures:

So I dont' know what we'll do tonight, maybe just hang out at home and play with the rest of the sparklers and poppers. The kids had a blast. David loved the sparklers, made me nervouse of course, but he did really well with them. We took some popcorn and donuts, and chips and pop and had fun! Memories!!

Well I think that catches you up to the patio. We got all the floor stuff and most of the sand and stuff. I'll add some pictures as we get it done. Here is one from earlier.

Well it took 3 try's to get this post done, so I'm ending it here and going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be just as busy. We have to go get more sand and finish the floor!

Good night.

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