Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well I think the morning sickness has mostly subsided. It's so nice to be able to eat a meal with the family and still feel good afterwards. Although there are still some foods that just don't sit well, like meatloaf. Maybe is was the cheese I added to it, not sure. But anyhow we've been enjoying our patio, we eat on it everynight. It's much cooler than the house, and I can sit out there and watch the kids play too. That's nice, before there was really no nice place to sit in the shade, the ground is all lumpy under the trees. I can't post finished pictures of the patio until family comes to see it. Sorry!

I have my first doctors apt next Tuesday, so we'll see how that goes. I found the same midwife that delivered David in Okemos, so that makes me feel good. She was great!

We had a few extra kids from Thursday to Sat night, Marks sister was moving, so we had her older 2, they are 6 and 2. They did pretty good and had a ton of fun. They LOVED the water slide, I was exhausted when they left, but we had fun!

We got our 2nd file cabinet painted yesterday too, so I've been busy transferring all that stuff back. Since the 2 cabinets aren't the same size, I can't just leave it in the other one. The file hangers are to long, oh well. I have patterns to put in there and hopefully most of the stuff piled on my desk too. I also have a lovely mile high pile of baby clothes (in boxes) I've been working my way thru. I've been looking for all my baby girl clothes and finally found them They were in Sarah's basement, so they all got dropped off when she picked up her kids. I get to go thru them and sort out the ones I want, the ones that are to moldy and mildewed and the ones that will go into the garage sale this weekend. So I better get to work. It won't get done by itself LOL.

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