Wednesday, August 8, 2007

He's just cute!

Our youngest David went up to his sisters room yesterday and found his sisters doll. It was so cute. He carried it around all day.

What cracked me up was when he tried giving the baby a drink of his milk. He put it in her mouth and made the "gulp" noise for her. LOL He was very proud of himself.

He even rocked her.

And another thing we noticed, LOL. We were going out our side door and admiring our Hibiscus plant (which is my favorite plant!). And we noticed a POTATOE plant in our flower bed. Mark actually pointed it out. At first I though it was just a weed that looked like a potoatoe, but no. There on the ground WAS a potatoe that sprouted! LOL. We're not sure how it got out there. Sometimes David throws stuff out the door, maybe the dog carried it out. Maybe it was dug out of the trash and carried there. Who knows. But we are going to leave it and see what happens.

David slept in today. I think he grew last night, he looks older and taller. He's getting so big. He's going to be 2 next month. I can't believe it. He starting to really talk clear. He makes alot of noise, but not many words that are really clear. He gets his point across, that's for sure. I asked him if he wanted some ceareal and he said "uh uh", so I said peaces? he says "uh huh" than points at the cabinet and says "bowl". He copies what you say all the time. He has 2 older siblings after all, why talk LOL.

Well I've got work to do, so I'll be back later.

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He is so cute!!