Sunday, September 23, 2007

Look what we did!

We've been BUSY!!! We rearranged a few rooms. Not just moved stuff around, we actually moved the boys upstairs, and our office is now in it's own room. It used to take up half of our dining room. Here are a few pictures. YES, i still have alot of organizing to do, lots of boxes, but all the heavy stuff is done, so no worries, I won't be doing any heavy lifting!
I'll takes some more pictures when I get all the boxes empty (just can't guarantee when that will be!)

Our old "office" in our dining room!

Our new office in it's own room, see my new desk. I got it thru our local freecycle group

And here it has the computer and some of the stuff on it.

My sewing cabinet and dresser are now in the "office" and not in my bedroom

And some more boxes to empty!

Now I have a big dining room, here's the new cabinets we got. Well new to us, (thanks for storing them for us Aunt!)

And of course more boxes. Yes I know it's a mess, but you should've seen it before! It is progress!

Well it's to bed for me now, and back to work tomorrow. That's when the real organizing starts, as well as school and sorting baby clothes and .................................

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