Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oh what a beautiful day yesterday. We got some gardening done and a walk too! A few weeks back we got our seeds started inside. I'd planned on posting these photos before, but go figure, I got to busy!!!

What I did was used egg cartons. I found out that egg shells work great for fertilizer and you can use the halves to plant the seeds in, than the transplanting is easier into a pot. A few things I would change is not plant so many seeds in each one, it kinda defeats the purpose if you have to break the shell open to separate the seedlings. You can also crush the egg shells into the dirt to get the same nutrient effect.

Well now it's all sprouted and time to transplant, so today we transplanted into large pots. I have more seedlings than I know what to do with of course, but we'll give some away.

Today we hope to get some more transplanted and the greenhouse in order. Hubby moved it into a sunny spot last weekend, so I can fill it up this year. We stopped at the library during our walk yesterday and got some books on greehouse gardening. I've never had a greenhouse before, so this is a new bit of fun for us. I'm very excited to have the possibility (since I'm not sure if it will work yet) to have some vegi's year round in there. I've got some space around the outside to plant some squash, tomatoes, melons and berries too. I'll keep you posted as we progress. Yesterday all I did was covered the floor with newspapers to kill the grass. It works great as a weedbarrier so I figure it should work to kill the grass for me too.

Well gotta run. We are off to town for a bit.

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