Tuesday, April 29, 2008


He crawled in bed with me this morning. They looked so peaceful. Than they woke up LOL

Oh the joy of mother hood. She looks so peaceful and content, and natural. It's so hard to pull out her thumb and stick a pacifier in instead.

She just doesn't look as happy. With all my kids I replaced the thumb with a pacifier. I figure it's easier to take a pacifier away at a year old than a thumb. But it gets harder with each kid. Especially this one. She pulls out the sucky and pokes her thumb back in. And it helps her sleep longer. I come in the morning to find she slept all night (which is AWESOME) and her thumb in her mouth. She's more persistent, I'm really having a hard time not letting her get away with it. At church on Sunday we did this over and over, probably 10 times thumb out, sucky in, sucky out thumb in. lol. sigh

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moosemomma said...

hey :)
we are dealing with the same thing:) It's good to know I'm not alone:) Will is always trying to get that thumb in there!!!

Your kids are getting SO big!!