Friday, June 27, 2008

Well I got it done!

The lawn that is. I got it all mowed and trimmed today. I'm sure my neighbors must get a kick out of watching me. I'm NOT the one who mowed our customers lawns and NO I don't do all those designs on purpose. I do so many circles and back over where I already mowed it's not funny. Well it may be for those watching. But it's done, and it's now raining so the lawn can get nice and green and full again, just in time for MARK to mow it next time. He bought me a cordless, rechargeable trimmer, it's SOOO nice. It starts super easy and it's lighter than a gas one. It doesn't stay charged for really long, but long enough for me to get done and my arm to be done too. I have to use it around the pond and by the green house. The mower doesn't fit around it.

Well I hear thunder, so I think I'll get this turned off, and check the windows. A nice rain will do us some good. Sorry for those who have to much, glad it's coming a little this way. They are projecting some severe thunderstorms so we will see!

I'm going to go check our brownies, my niece helped make them. And check the windows, ta ta for now!

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