Monday, June 30, 2008

Woo Hoo!

David just came in from outside playing to run to the potty. ALL ON IS OWN! YAY!! WOOHOO! PROGRESS! I am seeing the end to diapers for one child in sight, it's getting closer. He's stayed dry pretty well in underpants, but would need to be reminded. If he can get away with it, he will get a diaper on, but we've had to keep convincing him underpants are better.

But he came in all on his own, ran thru the house to the bathroom. YAY!!!

Just had to share a mom moment with you all!


Starr. said...

Hi Jen. Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for visiting on my blog. I think I know you for some reason. You look really familiar. And you mentioned Portland in the post about your dh's deer accident. Have you visited at our church?

Faith said...

Oh I can SOO relate to this youngest is still in pull-ups and he will do good for days and then relapse....drives me NUTS. But yesterday he did #2 on the potty for the FIRST official time. *GRIN* Now if he could just do it every time....*SIGH* I will sure be glad to stop buying pullups. *GRIN*

Jen said...

He's had a few relapses himself, but he's still closer to finished.

We went to town and he stayed dry all day, the next day I left him at his Aunts and with in 30 minutes of leaving he was wet. AHH,

Yesterday he stayed dry all day at church. I just try to celebrate the little successes. The big one will come lol.