Saturday, October 11, 2008

So we are back!

And as I said before we had a great time. I've kinda kept a little diary while we were gone. Here are a few of the little notes I thought we'd like to remember.

Advantages of camping in the boon docks
1. No one cares if the dog barks, no one else is there.
2. You have the outhouse to yourself. We washed it and it stayed that way.
The outhouses don't smell as bad, since no one else uses it.
3. No one cares that you have kids there all day. We do school in peace with no one asking why they aren't in school.
4. You have an unlimited supply of free firewood. It's not picked thru.
5. It's quiet, except for the noises your already used to, since it's your kids and animals making it LOL.

Things we've learned while camping
1. Frogs play dead when David touches them. They will hop all over while the others are holding them, but give it do a 3 yr old, and out comes the tongue.
2. Dry pine needles make great fire starter.
3. It's really quiet at night!
4. Chocolate flavored marshmallows taste better in Rice Crispy treats than on S'mores.
5. Bring your own toilet paper. If no one is around, you may run out and be out of luck!!!!
6. Don't EVER leave your laundry un attended for even 5 minutes. YUP we got ours stolen. Thankfully only our white clothes, but it was the whole triple loaded washer full. So we all got new undies and learned a lesson!!

While we were gone I of course took pictures. I said our campground reminded me of the movie Shrek, and here's why!!


Giant City State Park

A very rainy day.

Our campsite from the outhouse!

Our dinner cooking by the fire. I LOVE my dutch oven!!

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