Friday, January 9, 2009

Rice soup...

is NOT good. Yup I tried it and it just was NOT a good thing. I had some chicken and rice that I had made, used homemade broth and everything. Well the leftovers I thought might make go farther if I made into soup. So I added more broth some vegi's and water, and well it didn't get any farther than the trash. It just was not good. Unlike barley rice get's blander as it cooks. The broth was fine, but the rice was just to blah. I cooked it in lots of flavor and it was great as a casserole type dish. Soo it went into the trash and we had PB & J instead. The kids all tried it, but it just wasn't good. SO I advise don't try this at home LOL. Maybe if there was less rice and potatoes maybe??? but just rice, don't waste your time or food.


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