Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our snow bank is heating our house!!

Well kind of lol. Actually our Geo-Thermal is now up and running. It's been running all day, and our house is warm, so IT'S WORKING YAY!!! That means, our home has stayed 70 degrees all day, and it's only been in the 20's outside. We haven't used ANY gas...

(Ok that was suppose to wave, but maybe it won't)

So now our home is all green. Well after I get a better washer machine, that's NEW and saves water and all. (It's making a strange noise, not sounding so healthy right now. I hope it makes it.) So as of Jan 1, 2009 we are running without gas to heat our home. Our range and water heater are gas, but that's it!! I want one of those sign for my front yard that say

"This home is heated and cooled by the EARTH"

I'll keep track of our bill and be sure to report the difference. I will also get some pictures up of our project. I have some sorting to do.. I took a TON..

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!!


Amanda Kaake said...

That is so neat! If we eer get a house out in the country we may ask you over for some consulting in this area:)

Jen said...

LOL, well we are far from experts, but I'd love to help with what we do know.

We actually live in town. We have a 1 acre lot. Our house, shed etc sits on half of it so we used our open lot for the loops.. We'll have to do some landscaping in the spring, since it all got dug up!!