Friday, May 29, 2009

Rotisserie chicken YUM!!

We've had our grill for a few years now, but I finally tried our Rotisserie attachment out the other day. YUP!!! It was GOOD!!

Here's what I did:

First I bought a whole chicken, yea that was a no brainer i know LOL.

Then I put it in my fridge for a few day, no reason other than I just hadn't gotten the chance to make it yet. We ended up making on Memorial Day, so it worked out well.

The day I knew I would be using it, I pulled it out and unwrapped it, pulled out the neck and such in the inside. I rinsed it and pulled out any unsightly leftover feather parts and than I coated it with some seasoning. I suppose just salt and pepper would work too, but I had bought this seasoning from Sam's a few weeks back and wanted to give it a try. So this is what I used, and put it in a glass dish and back in the fridge till I was ready (a few hours)

When we were ready for supper I got my rotisserie all cleaned and plugged in. Ours has a plug to turn it. It worked really good. I got the chicken on the rotisserie before I turned the grill on, and good thing, because that's the hard part. Getting it all to stay on there is tricky. I ended up running to the store to get some turkey lacers (like you find here) and using them to hold the wings and legs up close to the body. If they hang down they get toasted!! It took a few tries and even going back and fixing it after it cooked and got warmed up too, but in the end it worked.

I put more salt and pepper on it and the rotisserie went around in the beginning. It was about a 6 lb chicken I believe and it ended up taking about 2 hrs I think. I just had it on med heat, so it got to be around 350 in the grill (I have a thermometer on my grill). I than used a meat thermometer to check the internal temp on the chicken.

Here's the finish product and it was very YUMMY!!! We had it with some corn on the cob and boil potatoes. I suppose there was enough juice inside to make some gravy, but i was tired by the time it was all done, it took longer than expected and we ended up eating later than planned.


Amanda Kaake said...

Mmmm! Looks great! We'll have to try out that Kickin' Chicken seasoning. We just got a rotisserie for our grill last year and love it!

Jen said...

Yes, you should!!! I bought this one at the Sam's club, but i'm sure you could find it somewhere else. I also used it on grilled chicken and it was yummy too... What have you made on your rotisserie?? I'm thinking of trying a pork roast but haven't yet...