Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My newest sewing project...

I've been busy lately. Well we turned off our satellite television and even thou I didn't think i watched it alot, I have more free time, sooooo I've been able to get more sewing done... I've not have alot of time to type however, because I sew when Abigail is sleeping (and not on my lap)... Anyhow, here's my latest projects. I seen the idea a few years ago and we did a pillow for my MIL along the same lines..
I've started my own sewing business and have a website to help get the word out..

Here's somethings I will be putting on there.. I only have one done, but several in the process... It's a bag that has a iris applique on one side and a pocket on the other. The blue iris part is aprox the size of a sheet of paper. Perfect library bag, or church bag... I also have this bag identical but the iris is pink.

This is going to be my favorite so far. They started out as bags, but I think they will make a beautiful set of Satin rose bed pillows.. The stem will fold over to the other side. They are opposite of each other and I think will look very elegant when they are done. As you can see they are quite large..

I'll keep you posted on how it all goes. The satin pillows are coming along very well. So far i've not had to buy any thing for these. I even had the applique interfacing already.. Hmmm how much can i see homemade, each unique bags for????
I have a few more ideas for pictures, so we'll see how far we get...

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