Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is Spring really almost here??

I can't believe it's March already. We've had such a busy last few months, I'm so glad it's over!

It all began around Thanksgiving when I found out I was going to be having surgery on Dec 23. So the preparations began. I stuffed my freezer and pantry with everything I might need during recovery, because I WASN'T going out to get it lol. We made it thru all of that, with flying colors, on to the next thing... birthdays. We have 3 kids with birthdays right at the beginning of the year. Jan 30, Feb 7 and Mar 1. Phew!! So we had all of that to be prepared for, plus throw in a few sewing jobs, helping paint (her new appt) and move my SIL, my sister having surgery, WOW, I really can't believe we made it!!

So now we are into March and SO ready for warm weather. I'm ready to go sit on my patio with my coffee and relax. First of course I have to wait for the warmer weather, it's not to bad out today, thou and they are saying rain most of the week. I think I'm going to try to get the patio cleared of snow, the uncovered part is all snow and the covered part is all, well storage and trash. Time for some spring cleaning. Maybe, just maybe i can get that spot on our side porch covered so we won't have birds living there this year. They make a horrible, disgusting mess on my wall, right where people come in. I'm going to hunt down some wood or wire, or something!!!!

I've used my grill twice already this year. I know, I know many people use theirs year round, but not me. I'm NOT a fan of standing in the cold lol. Now that it's warmer though we will soon be back to using it daily YAY!!! Can't wait, I LOVE using my grill.

I'll post some pics on here, I have some of birthday parties. Amberlin LOVED her cookbook I got her. She's already busy filling it up with all the recipes she uses. I can't believe my baby is 2. :( So sad that they have to grow up, but happy I have healthy kids!

So TTFN, I will be back later..

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