Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making Chicken Burrito's tonight

I've had a can of chicken simmering with seasonings in the crock pot all day. I'm making chicken burritos again tonight. I made them a while back, and had some in the freezer for a while, well they are gone and i'm hungry for some more.. Here's my link to when I made them last. This time i'm doing things bit different..

First off I'm using a can of chicken. Not the tasty kind either lol, the just chicken and water kind, no salt, not seasoning, nothing... it came from my MIL, who got it from her MIL, who got it from her food commoditity thing she used to get for the elderly and on SS or something like that.. anyhow it's NOT a good chicken lol. So I simmer it all day in the crock with seasoning, garlic, onion, celery, parsley, rosemary stuff like that.

So now it's time to go get the shells ready. I want to try to make some. I've only found ones Abigail can have ONCE, at Sam's club. What I plan to do is find a recipe and make a dough, roll them out and bake them with the filling in them. So the shells cook while warming the chicken. So here goes. I'll try to take some pictures and let you know what recipe I use for the shells..

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