Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well, well....  I am BACK!!  I took some time of from blogging to do the Working Mom thing.  I learned alot from the experience, about myself and about life in general.  I am very thankful to be able to be back at home with my kids full time.  Very thankful my hubby has found a job that will allow us to pay the bills, not in an extravagant shopping spree kind of way, but in a, we can make it if we are careful kind of way.  Paying off our truck was our goal and we accomplished that, saving us over $300 a month!!  So I have time to blog again, time to share our recipes and our gardening experiences.. 

In an effort to not get to bored with being home instead of at a high energy job every night, I have made myself some goals.  One for the winter is starting some herbs indoors.  I do have many plants inside and do have a green thumb, but herbs are something I have not that is one goal. Another is to get this house whipped back into an organized fashion WOW, the clutter and stuff that gets forgot when mom doesn't have time to deal with it.. January's goal is my office/sewing room..  My kids rooms and kitchen are on that list as well. 

One last goal my daughter and I made together is to get involved in Relay for Life.  We have cancer in our family, it is a scary reality that we all must face and we want to do what we can to make a difference.  SO we are VERY excited to be going on Friday to sign up with a local team and finding out where that takes us..

My goal for this blog is to get on here at least Once a week and update you all on the progress, recipes we have tried and whatever else we need to share!  I am excited to be back in my kitchen again trying new recipes!  and since my hubby installs Direct TV we also can now watch FOOD NETWORK again :-) 

So come along with our journey!

Talk to you again soon, it's time to go check my granola bars in the oven!! MMMmm

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