Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well today it is raining, so I thought I would share our progress from the last few days.
We got the edging all around the pond. We had to revamp it a little. It just wasn't enough. Yesterday I finished it off by adding some weed barrier fabric and mulch, a few plants and 13 fish. Here's the before and after. It makes a huge improvement.
It's such a peaceful place to sit. We'll have more plants in there too. Some Canna's will come up along the back and the side.

Mark helped me plant my new rose bushes by the greenhouse on Sunday. After that I started digging up the sod for my garden around the outside of it. It's still to early to plant them, but we have edging to put around it and should be able to get it all planted next week I hope. Here are a few pictures of the progress.
I got it almost all done and ready for the edging, but didn't get to finish it yet. I don't have pictures of that yet. In the process I chopped our satillite cable in half lol, we forgot we buried it right thru there. We got that patched, but now Mark gets to bury a new one next chance he gets. It won't hold up to moisture.
The flowers have come up on the side of the house too. This flower bed is all perennials that I've planted and some were there already. It's really filling out. I hope to build up the beds in the fall, so next year they will be more defined and deeper. This is the first year I get to plant flower, so I'm really excited to get them in there. The siding, windows and roof is all done, so I can go all out. YAY!

Well I'll get more pictures up here in a few days. Not going to get anymore done outside today anyhow. BUT I can sit on my beautiful patio and enjoy the rain showers.



Amanda Kaake said...

Wow looks like you all have been busy! I Love the greenhouse. I can't wait to see how things progress. Take care of yoursel:)

Jen said...

Boy have we been. We actually have our squash and strawberries planted around there as well. Today we will be getting some annuals to plant in our other gardens. I need to get a new pictures to post. But I've been too busy lol.