Friday, November 21, 2008

ear infections

With all the colds going around here, we've not been doing so great. It's been a week and we are all still fighting this nasty cold. The symptoms keep changing a little, so I assume that means were getting better?? I Hope.

Well early this morning my oldest daugter woke me up in pain. Her ear hurt, and she was really crying, so I know it really hurt. Well we've had alot of chest congestion and runny nose, so I can't say I'm to surprised. I gave her some tylenol and she crawled in bed with me. She was asleep within 15 minutes, the tylenol kicked in. It made me think about ear infections though. What is really the cause, and some of the myths I've heard, are they true?

For example, antibiotics don't really do anything for an ear infection, the wait and see method with some pain meds is the only real help. Is pressure on the eardrum from a sinus infection called an ear infection? What really helps them. I've seen some q-tip type things, a natural approach to healing for them, is that necessary? Well I got up and did some research.

The article does a really good job, I think, explaining it.

Most ear infections (middle ear infections) only last 2-4 days, BUT a 10 day antibiotic is given. So no it's not really necessary. Fluid on in the ear drum, causes the pain.

Now there are some exceptions or course and they have to suggest that you always go to the doctor to be sure. I think we'll take the wait and see approach.

Here's an excerpt from the article
"The eustachian tube also allows for drainage of mucus from the middle ear into the throat.
Sometimes, the eustachian tube may malfunction. For example, when someone has a cold or an allergy affecting the nasal passages, the eustachian tube may become blocked by congestion in its lining or by mucus within the tube. This blockage will allow fluid to build up within the normally air-filled middle ear. Bacteria or viruses that have entered the middle ear through the eustachian tube can also get trapped in this way. These germs can breed in the trapped fluid, eventually leading to an ear infection."

So what do you do? With 4 kids to drag with me, I tend to wait it out. If they have a fever too I will take them in if it's still there after 24-48 hrs. I am happy to say, my children hardly ever go to the doctor, they just don't need to. We are blessed with being healthy. Our youngest is almost 10 months old, and has yet to have an ear infection. We usually only need to go for our normal visits. I am very thankful for that.

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