Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I haven't forget.....

I really need to try to post more often huh?? I really do try. I have all these ideas that go around and around in my brain and then get lost when I have the time to sit and type. It has nothing to do with having 4 kids, really LOL..

So I've found and tried a few new recipes I've been wanting to put on here. I'll post them separate one per message, hopefully today. Hubby's been home more often lately, which is really nice. Our family time has really gotten a boost, but he doesn't have his own laptop. Our desk top computer is too slow, so he uses my laptop. Hopefully he'll be getting his own here shortly. It seems that when I have time to sit and type for longer than a minute, it's when Abigail is sleeping, in the office, where the desk top is, sooooo.... I sit and read a book instead. I LOVE to read, but tend to read a book in one or two days, if it's good. I read very fast. So I can't put it down. I don't usually even pick up a book, because I know i'll be stuck in it. I got a few from the library and have been totally absorbed lately.

So I'm off to go roll out my noodles for supper right now. My bread is almost ready to put in the oven. The first batch was wheat and yes it was GOOD warm. The second is just plain ole white for the kids that don't like wheat... sigh..

I'll be back later to give you my FAVORITE recipe, YUM
Honey Oatmeal Bread,, I crave this bread, it's sooo yummy..

until later..


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