Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our art class project!

Well school has officially begun. We are heading into it full time. We were doing it year round, but not everyday. I don't want them to forget everything, but I do want them to be able to spend time with family that is out of school...

So we have our schedule set and here is our first art project. We are going to try to do art once a week....

I'll post pictures of the finished project..

Here's where I got my idea from

but to make it even more interesting, we are going to pick a Bible story to make puppets for and act out with them.. Hmm this should be interesting... So off I go to get it all ready. What story will we choose?? i don't know yet.

For a quick update of the happenings around here, well my baby girl has officially been diagnosed with allergies. Yea we took her to get a test done and she is allergic to milk, soy, egg yolks, and oat. So we've been busy trying to get all of that out of her system for the past month. It's amazing how many things you find soy in.

I'll post more on that later...

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