Saturday, June 27, 2009

Since I'm on here posting about PB&J cookies I'll take an extra few mintues and tell you what's been going on her, or what's going to be going on..

I've lived in Michigan my WHOLE life, but NEVER been to Mackinac to watch the fireworks, WELL this year WE ARE GOING!! Hubby's job is working out so that we are heading up north for a week!! YES!! We are all very excited.. I get to watch the fireworks from St. Ignace. We are camping on Lake Michigan at a campground. We have a really busy weekend and week because we are leaving on Thursday, and I have to pack the camper. Hubby just got to slide out on the camper out for me, so I can get into my pantry and get it loaded.

Sunday I have a fitting for a bridal party (very excited!))
Monday appointment for WIC and picking strawberries
Tuesday we are making strawberry Jam!!
Wednesday we have eye doc. appt

Oh and yea in the mix I have to load the camper, dig out my canning jars from the shed, get the house ready to be empty for a week and all the stuff that goes along with normal life...

but all that work will be well worth it.. You see if won't just be us going... there will be about a dozen or so of us from Marks family going and we are going to have a BLAST... We've got our dinners planned and everything....

Well I better get busy!!!

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Allisonbb said...

This sounds like SO much fun! I can't wait to hear how it goes.