Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is what the kitchen looked like when we moved it. Notice all the mold growing on the cupboards. That is why I don't have cabinets on the bottom for now. The top cabinets I was able to scrub (till the varnish came off) clean. And yes, all the junk on the counters came with it. The house was empty for 3 yrs before we got it. Only animals lived here.

Well here are some pictures of the inside, before the window was put in. Yes I know my cupboards are ugly and the walls are not complete, but we'll get there. We have a LOOOONNG list with this house. First we do whats most important and well a beautiful kitchen would be wonderful, but it's just not necessary yet. It is very functional, so it stays as it is for now. Next project is the patio floor. So the dirt will stop being tracked into my house! Notice the dryer in my kitchen. The pink foam insulation is where the window will be. They had slider doors there, so we just put the pink foam up when we moved in, to insulate until we finished it.

The dryer is still in the kitchen in the picture, but now it is in the backroom YAY! The room feels sooo much bigger. And the light in there is awsome. I keep thinking someone left a light on or a door open, because it's so bright in there. I still have to get a curtain for it too.

Now for the patio floor. We went and bought all the flooring for it today. It's not what we originally had wanted, but hey the prices went up and the Menards sale won, sorry Lowe's.

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I like your blog. Check mine out if you get the chance.

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