Friday, June 22, 2007

Chronicles of a Pregnant Women June 22,2007

Well I thought the morning sickness was leaving me, I felt so good yesterday, but today it's making up for it. I've been exhausted, and my allergies have been making me sneeze like crazy. We have a nice long row of cottonwoods by our house and it looks like its snowing some days. I sneeze up a storm when they do. So this will be short. The 2 oldest are going to their cousins tonight. So it will just be the little guy, pregnant me and Papa. He's working on the base for our new greenhouse.

Were grilling again and having some potato salad and broccoli and cheese. Our patio smells like fermented fruit. We have a lovely mulberry tree right by it, and now that they all dropped they are fermenting in the heat. Yuck. There's no good way to pick them up. If you rake them, they just mush and make a bigger mess. So hopefully we can have it out of there by next year. We were going to try for this year, but that didn't happen. At least our patio floor isn't in yet, otherwise they would be all over it.
Well supper is almost done, so that's it for today. Oh and I finally got my olives, and got the bread made in time too. I had to buy some more bananas, the bread smelled so good I want one now.
So now for a pregnancy tip: Hmm..... Well when your pregnant the nausea can really get to you, If your to full, your get nauseous, if you get to hungry, you guessed, you get nauseous, so eat a little often. It's hard to do, I feel like I'm eating to much, I have to remind myself, I'm pregnant and is necessary. So there's my tip.

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