Friday, June 29, 2007

Chronicles of a Pregnant Women June 29,2007

Well we finally got the window in. I meant to write last night, but I was tyring to get my kitchen put back together. You see I had to first move everything off of the wall that the window was going on. So here is before we did anything to the windows.

These are after we replaced the existing window with a bigger one and added siding and the kitchen window. I'll add some inside pictures later today once I get the inside back together. Right now I have a dryer in the middle of the floor, my table and chest freezer are covered with stuff to take care of.


Aaron said...

The house look's good! I wish I'd had the hnowhow to do that to my house. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turn's out!

Jen said...

Thanks, I need to add more before pictures. Mark is just awsome at this stuff. The only thing we've hired someone to do so far is wrap the eaves (our neighbor has a special tool that bends it all in one piece) and install the furnace. The rest he's done. In just 3 years. It amazes me. He works full time and does the lawn care bus. and finds time to get this done too.

Thanks for checking out my blog.