Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chronicles of a Pregnant Women June 27,2007

Well once again I get car sick. BLAH Not fun. A trip to the store is mostly ok, but an hour drive is almost misery. Mark who is a professional at car sickness (he even made his mom sick while pg) tells me to pinch the palm of my hand, I was surprised it helped. But I still feel horrible. But which is worse 90 degrees at home all day or going to town (which is a hour away) to the A/C stores. Yesterday we opted to go with him. He had a scheduled day off from work and was going to town to get a new window! We finally have a window for our kitchen. Boy will that be nice. We currently have no window in the kitchen. There is the back door very near to it, but a window will hold a fan! I can't wait. So we went to town and got all that stuff and spent the day hopping from store to store untill it cooled off. I even got to take a break in Menards, the kids played in the play area they have while I tried out the lawn chairs (well one particular one anyhow). Mark got all the stuff and of course took a LOONNG time, but that's ok, I was relaxing.

We are also getting a new windshield in our truck today. Last Thursday I was driving down the road, no big deal and all of the sudden a rock, not a big one pops onto the window and makes a nice dime size circle. The next day it was already spreading so I called the insurance and got it set up to get fixed. Thankfully we have no deductable, so they came and picked it up this morning and will bring it back anytime all fixed. It still amazes me that it spread that fast. You touch the window and it spreads. yikes.

Well I can't wait for tomorrow when it's cooler, we haven't baked anything in a while. I didn't realize how much we baked untill Amber asked if we could make brownes or something Mom, it's been along time since we made anything. She usually helps and has reminded me every day for the last 3 days. But with it in the 80's the oven is NOT coming on. I've debated trying it on our grill LOL. I'll let you know if I try. We have a thermometer on it, and if I put it in the middle and turned that burner off, why wouldn't it work? HMMM still debating if I want to try that one.

Well I should go gets some pictures of the outside while it's sunny, it was storming earlier and the women who grew up in this house would like to see some new pictures. She lived down the road from us and stopped in to say hi last year. It's really neat hearing her stories of piano lessons, and no electricity and talking to her future husband from the upstairs window. I need to email her pictures since we added more siding. And of course I'll put them on here.

That's all for now!

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