Monday, February 11, 2008

She's finally here!

Well she finally made her arrival. In a snow storm no less.

Abigail Star
born on Thursday Feb 7, 2008
3:17 am
weighing 7 lbs. 2 oz
19" long
She was born healthy and with no complications. I can't think of how the birth could've been any more perfect. In the midst of a blizzard we headed to the hospital at around 10 pm (OK, so maybe we would change that part LOL). We dropped the kids off with family in town on our way. We eventually made it to the hospital at around midnight. My contractions were now 4 min apart, but I was still only dialated to a 3. Well my doctor, having delievered our last baby, knew that you just can't trust me LOL, and we headed right to labor and delivery. Well 3 hours later, she was here.

Squeezing in a nap, while waiting! And below, admiring her new sister.

The nurse was great, my mid-wife was awesome. They asked our oldest (who was there for the birth) if she wanted to put Abigails first diaper on, and of course she did. That just thrilled her to no end. They also stamped her foot print on her arm, that was very neat too. Papa got them on his arm as well. They were all very kind and just stood back and let us do our thing. I never felt pressured to go against anything my body or mind was telling me. It was all perfect. No I don't do any medication, meditation or hypnosis or such, I just relax and breathe thru the contractions. My MIL, who has been to all my births is such a great person to have there. She is great about reminding me to breathe and relax. My hubby was there of course and he was the one who got to get his hand squeezed to a pulp LOL.
After she was born and cleaned up, we of course tried to get some sleep, but they come in quite often. Later some family came up and hubby went home to get the kids and some sleep. They came up later in the day. You know before I left home, David was the baby, even though he was 2, he was still little and the baby. When they came up to the hospital, he looked so huge LOL, and old. I was worried he would have jealous issue with the new baby, but nope. He took a few minutes, but than he hopped up on the bed and wanted to hold her. He didn't want to let her go, this was "my baby" he says. He just loves her to death. Even now at home, he likes holding her and tries to take her from me. He seems to be adjusting fine.

He found her feet peeking out and was intrigued by how small they were.

Our second oldest, son is the typical 6 yr old big brother. He's very glad she's here. He thinks she's cute and all, and he likes holding her, but it's nothing to go Gaga about. He is happy she's a girl, cause he won't have another baby in his room that way, LOL. She will bother Ambers stuff, not his. But he is a proud big brother.

And Amberlin, she is over the moon. She practically sits on my lap constantly, waiting to hold her, kiss her, just see her. She changed her today and thought it was great. She keeps saying she can't wait to teach her to walk LOL (she doesn't realize that it means she'll also be chasing her too LOL).

A very proud big sister

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. We have been blessed with another Angel to raise and I can't say enough how thrilled and excited we are. I sit here looking at her, and am amazed once again at how beautiful and perfect and what joy such a little bundle can bring. I love being a mom, it truly is one of the best things that has happened in my life. I still can't believe we were blessed with another little Angel.

I promise I will post more pictures. I make very good use of my digital camera and will be sure to share.
God Bless!


mandikaake said...

What a beautiful baby girl. We're so happy for you and your lovely family. God is so good!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! she is a beauty...can't wait till ya bring her over. hee hee