Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love being a mom!

My Prince and Princess on Mother's Day. We are on our way to church.

So how was everyones Mother's Day? We had a good day, not because we had a big celebration (which we didn't) or even got presents, but because it makes me sit and reflect on my Moms and my children. My daugther gave me a great gift and she doens't even know it. Any one who knows me, knows I love sewing. For me, it is one of the things I enjoy the most. I love sewing to the core. I have a key chain that says, "behind every creative persons are closets full of good ideas" I love that saying, it is sooo true. Being one of those "creative persons" I know that in those "closets" are TONS of unfinished mendings and projects, that just haven't gotten finished, started, but not finished. Well I am one of those fortunate moms who have a daughter who loves what I love, Sewing. I wrote before how she loves cooking and baking like me. Well she also love sewing. I think we have a future designer on our hands lol. The gift she gave me was so simple and not a gift at all in the physical sense. She came in the office/sewing room sat down with some thread and needle and started working on MY unfinished projects. I came in and asked her what she was doing. She said "Mom, I'm going to help to finish your mending, can I stay up and help you catch up on your mending?" She knows where all the stuff is, and got a set of buttons out, needle and thread and sewed some new eyes on her brother beloved stuffed crab. He was sooo thrilled he finally got his crab back LOL.. And I was reminded of how much I love being a mom and being able to pass on my joys to my kids. I know I am blessed to have her enjoy it, both my mom and Mother-in-law have 4 girls each. Both of them only have 1 of those girls that enjoy sewing as much as they do. They both sew beautifully, and truly enjoy it but only 1 of 4 of their girls enjoy it. They all know how to sew, but they don't all enjoy it. So thanks MOM's for teaching me to sew. I say Mom's because they all taught me and helped me expand my knowledge of sewing.

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