Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Potty training saga continues!

Did I mention I'm potty training our son? Well he is proving to be the most interesting of them all. If you are a mom, you will now doubt fall out of your chair in laughter, if not, you will fall out in shock lol.

Potty training is always interesting, some of those kids are angels and hop on the pot as soon as mom says it's time or even on there own, and then there are Davids, the normal ones lol. Well I mentioned before he doesn't like training pants, I bought him some little boxer type things, and he doesn't like them either, he says they're too tight, so we just keep trying. I'll have to go shopping and find some thing else. Now I KNOW he's ready and as soon as I can find him some underpants that he'll wear he'll be done in no time. He HATES being wet, or dirty, or sticky, so if he doesn't have a diaper on, he'll feel it more and not like it. Of course I have to be sure to not find shorts to loose, cause I want them to hold his mess. Of course there is the current option that he has taken too. I was sitting in my office and Papa (Dad) was on the couch. All of the sudden I hear, "Mom, Davids ready for big boy pants, come quick" Yippee I think, but no. David is ready cause he for what ever reason we don't know, decided that instead of leaving it in his diaper, he'd bring it down it his hand, literally. He took his diaper off and, we're not really sure of the details, cause he was the only one up there. But the diaper was upstairs, he had his pants on, and you guessed it, in his hand. Well after a thorough washing of hands and a hopefully memorable lesson on what to do with it, he was off on his way again. We got him to wear his pants for a few minutes. Yes we have a bribe box too, candy, but still he won't wear them long enough.

Well once was enough for me, but not him. I was making popcorn and he was heading to the bathroom with brother. A few minutes later, big brother hollers, "Mom, Davids holding his poop in his hand again". I told hubby, come watch the popcorn (it was in a electric popper thing) and I headed to the bathroom. He had by this time thrown in it the toilet, I asked Mark what happened, he's in the bathroom, WHY was it in his had. Well how do I say this without grossing anyone out???? He started going in his pants, and instead of sitting on the toilet, used his hand to transport it to the toilet. [sigh], what to do, what to do!!

So were waiting for it to click, and hope it's reallly soon!! Any suggestions??

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