Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well we've been busy. We helped weed and plant at my in-laws on Wed. Thursday was the kids dentist and we stop and got some flowers. Save-a-lot in Haslett has the cheapest. $9.99 for a flat of 48. We got 5 flats and planted them all yesterday, Friday. We've got flowers everywhere now. Around our lamp post, 6 pots, by the shed, the house and a bed by the road. We had to weed out the one by the shed first, but we got it all done and it all looks beautiful. I was exhausted lol. Here are a few pictures. Today I will try to mow the lawn, it may just have to wait though. I've got boxes to get moved to the shed, and spring clothes to find. So another busy day, and hopefully a fun weekend ahead of us. We are going to a museum on Monday. I'll post more about that later.
The dirt area in the front is all planted with grass seed. I've got impatients, begonias and dusty millers out here. It's a partial shade area, so they should all do well.

These are some really cool mushrooms that grow on our tree out back. They are huge this year.

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