Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A sugar free day??

Is that really possible?? Well I'm going to try, but I already failed for today. You see I had a brownie before I decided to try. Yes, I know it's still early, but well they were really good, and left over from last night. Soooo....

Anyhow, that was my last bit of sugar for the day. I need to find out if going sugar free makes me feel better. I really think I am having issues with it being high. I've had issuse with it my whole life, but up until I got pregnant with our last and 4th child, it was always LOW sugar I struggled with. All thru the pregnancy I really had a hard time. Everything I've done my whole life is now the opposite of what I need to do. Usually after you have the baby the gestational diabetes goes away, and for a while I thought it was all good, but now i'm just not so sure. I wasn't actually diabetic while pg, but I was VERY close. I think I was just having a good day when we did the test, i had some scary days in there.

So since diabetes runs on both sides of my family, I am on a quest to get more information. I don't have time to read a ton of books on it, or the option of going to the doctor right now, so a little research online I hope will clear things up. What I need is a list of do's and don'ts to post on my wall. I've talked to my mom and MIL about it, but can't remember what they said. It's so opposite of everything I've done my whole life.

So i'm starting with taking out refined sugars, I think that's what there called. Cookies, BROWNIES [wahaha], sugar in my tea that kind of thing. I'll use honey and more fresh fruits and vegis. I can do this, I love fresh and use it as much as possible. Having 4 kids, makes it difficult, I have to drag them everywhere, either to the sitter or the store. I rarely can just leave alone. But I can do this..

For breakfast I am having some pancakes. I can't have the cereal and milk anyhow. Instead of using syrup, i added some fresh cut apples and some cinnamon to the mix. Well see how it goes.
The other thing I really have to work on, is eating enough. As a mom, I tend to push off feeding myself, i've got to much else going on and, well eating actually annoys me. I love cooking and baking and feeding others, but I just don't like to take the time to eat. That's probably how i've stayed thin my whole life, not always a healthy thin, I should add.

So here's to a sugar free day. I'll let you know how the pancakes taste and if you have any sites that are a good reference or info site, I'd be happy to see it.

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Amanda Kaake said...

That's great you're taking this step. It will be hard but you won't regret it. It usually takes 1 month of feeling like crap to start feeling better again. There's also agave nectar (although good for you it doesn't give many extra health benefits like raw honey or xylitol). Xylitol is next on the list. It actually kills yeast so don't use it in bread. Also, use in small amounts till you get used to it. It can make you have diarrhea otherwise. Good luck mama! Start upping your raw veggie intake too if you can.