Saturday, September 19, 2009

Easy Chicken, Mushroom Gravy

I will first say, this is NOT a soy free gravy. It can be made soy free if real broth is used.

chicken bouillon (the label tells you how much to add)
1 can of mushrooms with juice

I chop the garlic, onion and mushrooms up and add it in with the water and the rest. Than I let it all simmer. Once it's boiled for a bit, I add some water and flour mixture to thicken it up.

I than have a kinda homemade chicken, mushroom gravy to go on mashed potatoes.

If I have homemade broth I use that, but sometimes I don't. You could use canned broth as well. Just add enough liquid till you have enough gravy.. You could do the same with beef, venison or pork broth as well. YUM!! It's going on our mashed potatoes i'm making with Amish fried chicken for supper..


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