Saturday, September 12, 2009

Items you don't expect to contain soy, dairy, egg or oats

Yes there are some products you want to assume are fine and are surprised are not. So here's a list of some of the items I was surprised to find soy, dairy, egg or oats in. Some seem SOO obvious now..

Vegetable shortening and oil: It's all made from soybean oil. I've yet to find a solid shortening I can use that does NOT contain soy in one form or the other. Coconut oil, Canola oil and Olive oil are the only alternatives I've found. Unless you go to Goat butter..

Chicken bouillon and broth: They all seem to contain some form of soy as a preservative.

Cream of ... soups: Cream of Mushroom, chicken, broccoli any canned cream of soup contains dairy.

Meijer Organics Rice Milk: contains soy, try Rice Dream or Westsoy instead.

Country Time Lemonade mix: Pink and regular both contain soy.

Most Cake mixes, pancake mixes and cookie mixes: all seem to contain eggs and/or dairy in the mix. See my post of items you CAN use for alternatives.

Premixed spices. I have a few that are my favorites, but have now found that, they contain soy as a preservative. So watch your mixes, or just make your own.

Sherbert ice cream: I always thought it was an alternative, but no, actually it's not. it does contain dairy. Schwans carries a strawberry Sorbet that is dairy free and Popsicles are a great alternative too.


Anonymous said...

That's how I feel about corn syrup. It's in EVERYTHING! It's not just labeled corn syrup. It's also known as dextrose, fructose and glucose.

Our grocery bill is rather expensive because I can't buy just anything. If we want hot dogs, I have to buy Hebrew Nationals because those are the ONLY kind that don't have CS in them. Yeah, they are $4 for 7 hot dogs. So we don't eat many of those at all.

We, as mom's, do our best to give our kids the safest things for them. I would love it if we didn't have to worry about all the foods that are sold.


Jen said...

I agree Allison lol. And I'm not even doing the corn syrup thing, which i'm kinda wondering about. EEKK, more to translate?? sigh

I make pretty much everything home made and if it's to expensive, we just live without it. It's hard, but you learn to work with or without it. I've learned that, butter really isn't necessary to put on toast before jelly, just leave it off..

I wish they made it much easier to read the labels, they are getting better tho as far as milk, soy and nuts go. They have a allergy allert note at the bottom, not corn syrup yet...