Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dairy free, Soy free cheese!

The non-dairy, soy free cheese I found for Abigail. I found it at the health food store in Lansing. It was about $5 for a 8 oz bag.. It was the ONLY soy free/dairy free cheese they had.. I was SO excited to find it, but wished it tasted better..


Marya said...

Thanks for sharing, Jen!

I've made a cheesy sauce using nutritional yeast, rice milk, and earth balance spread. My kids enjoy the vegan Veggie Slice Cheddar on their sandwiches sometimes, too.

Jen said...

I seen on their website that they have alot of choices. It didn't see all of that at the store though.. I may check out their link to find where it's all sold. Abigail is young enough that she doesn't miss alot of the foods we are used to.. She's never had much of the real stuff lol, she was diagnosed around 18 months old..

We use Rice milk and the earth balance spread for her alot too.. what is the nutritional yeast?? I've never heard of yeast other than the kind for making bread.