Saturday, October 2, 2010

Timeline in my closet???

My daughter says my closet looks like a timeline. You know, current fashions in the most worn section, and the older ones as you get farther in, ending with my wedding dress lol. So I figured it was a good time to sort my closet. I'm not a fashionista, but I do try to stay current and modest. She got quite a kick out of trying on all my clothes. She also got quite a few to keep herself, I had some skirts that were just a bit shorter than comfortable, or tighter than I liked. So I never wore them and figured it was time to get them out of there. It's sad really, my daughter, who is 10 fits my too small clothes, not the ones that only fit my leg either, but ones I could squeeze into still, UGH!! Where has the time gone.

She had WAYYYY to much fun trying them on lol. A pant suit that was in there, was the biggest hit. I've never wore it, not sure why I have it, but it's been there for.. well lots of years. She had more fun with that suit. She put it on, aside from the length it fit her lol, she danced in it, squatted, made herself look like a puppet, and begged to keep it, just to be able to be a goof in lol..

What really made me laugh was when she asked, "why do all your clothes of shoulder pads" lol, ummmmm... well?????

Needless to say, I know have one overflowing baskets worth of clothes not in my closet anymore. I'm sure someone can use them!

And there is my wardrobe thinning, I should be good for another 10 years LOL!