Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My freezer challenge!

I'm giving myself a challenge. To cook something from our freezer every day. It's FULL, which I am very thankful for, but it also needs defrosted, it's almost deer season AND we are getting a half a cow from a local farmer soon. I have so much stuff in there, that I don't even know what it all is lol. Some I may just have to toss..

So Yesterday was Day 1: I made baked mac and cheese and pulled out pork chops. Ended up I didn't make them though lol, we put some canned chicken in the mac and cheese instead. BUT I did use some frozen corn with dinner, does that count?? I guess since I made the rules, I'll say YUP! lol.

For those wondering, I made Abigail some of her own mac and cheese, after I cooked the noodles, I pulled some out and used her butter and cheese instead.. She ate it, so it must have been good!

Day 2 is those pork chops lol! Oven baked on my broiler pan, since my grill is buried right now.. Leftover re-baked mac and cheese will go with it! Here's my recipe!

Homemade Baked Mac and Cheese:

1 lb of elbow noodles, cooked till almost done, not all the way. drain
1 stick of marg or butter
a mixture of cheese, I like to use a variety, adds more flavor. Cheddar, Mozzarella, Colby even some Parmesan is good. I use about 2 pounds I think.. i don't measure, just cut up what ever I have in chunks and put some shredded in.

Add some milk to make it moist and remember, the noodles will suck it up to finish cooking..
Salt and pepper

Bake at 350 for oh an hour, till it's all melted and the sides are getting crunchy.

You can mix ham, chicken, or even tuna or beef in it before you bake it if you want. Bacon is good too.. I suppose you could throw in some frozen vegi's too lol. I love versatile meals, makes life more interesting!

Off I go to get those chops in the oven!!


Melissa said...

I'm doing the same thing! I have TWO 16 cu ft freezers FULL as well as the top of my fridge freezer. I have frozen a ton of food for the winter along with having a quarter beef, some venison left from last year, and 15 or so free range chickens. We're hoping we're blessed with some more venison this year, so hopefully we are able to make room for it! :-)

Marya said...

Hi Jen,

What kind of cheese do you use for Abigail? I seem to recall that she can't have soy either, right?

Jen said...

Your right, she can't have soy or cow milk. Meijer FINALLY started carrying Goat cheese, it's in the specialty cheese section by the delo. I also found some at the health food store. It's made from pea protein, canola oil and a few other odd things.. It doesn't taste anything like cheese, but it works pretty good when it's baked and used with other flavors. It's brand is Daiya.

moosemomma said...

if you are emptying your freezer.. I'll be your trash can :) LOL

Jen said...

LOL, some of it may not be worthy of mouths I'm afraid. Like some shredded pepper jack cheese, i'm pretty sure it's been in there for a few years lol!