Saturday, October 9, 2010

My freezer challenge! Day 3 and 4

Well I had some boneless western style ribs in the fridge. I LOVE those things and they were on sale, sooooo I picked some up... So we had BBQ ribs. I like to season them with salt, pepper, garlic and onion and layer them in my crock pot or pan for the oven. I add some BBQ sauce in there too. Not a ton, but enough to cover it all. Than I cook them for several hours. YUM!!! We are having leftovers today.

So we used up some more frozen vegi's from the freezer. I had some sugar snap peas in there. I LOVE sugar snap peas.. I just steam cook them on the stove in my cast iron pan. I cook all my frozen vegi's that way. In my large cast iron a little water, some salt and olive oil. After they are cooked we can add butter on our plates (since Abigail can't have the same kind of butter) or sometimes I will separate some out for her into a smaller pan and add butter than.. Did you know that frozen corn taste JUST like corn on the cob when you cook it this way??? yup!! A little salt and butter and it's crunchy and everything... That's the favorite around here!

Today, we will have leftover BBQ pork and i'm not sure what else. But I am making homemade donuts for breakfast!!! It's a perfect morning for it (what morning isn't lol) and we have cider to go with it.. I'll post a recipe later. Of course I have a allergy friendly recipe just for my baby girl too!

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